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Minerator does not detect my card

If Minerator does not see your card, you can check if your card is available on the pcie bus by running lspci -d 1e24:

This command should give you one line of out put for every card detected. the lines should look like one of these two lines:

  • 02:00.0 Co-processor: Squirrels Research Labs Xilinx BCU-1525
  • 02:00.0 Co-processor: 1e24:1525


If your card is not detected follow these steps to debug the problem.

  • Is the card a BCU1525 or CVP-13? Only those cards are supported at this time.
  • Has the card loaded a bitstream from flash? This is indicated that the blue LED is on.
    • If the card does not have the blue LED on, shutdown the computer, wait 5 seconds then turn on the computer again. If there's still no blue LED, contact support.
  • Is the card connected to the pcie bus? The card must be connected either by being inserted directly into a pcie slot or via a riser. If connected by a riser make sure that the riser is connected to the motherboard and that the riser is powered.
    • For a BCU1525 card only use quality risers with 6-pin pcie power or if you absolutely can't find one of those use a molex connector, never use a sata connector since it's not rated for the power consumption required by BCU1525.
    • For a CVP-13 card the riser must be powered but the type of connector does not matter since the CVP-13 do not use power from the pcie slot.
  • The card need to start before or at the same time as the computer is powered on if it's on a separate power supply, this power supply can not be started after the computer is started.
  • Some motherboards disables some pcie slots depending on what pcie slots are populated, if you have several cards in 16x slots try connecting the card that is not detected via a 1x riser on another slot.
  • The card need to run the Allmine stage1 bitstream. This is normally loaded from flash when the computer is turned on.
    • If another bitstream has been loaded via Vivado reload the Stage1 bitstream by shutting down the computer, wait 5 seconds then turn on the computer again.
    • Is it possible that you have loaded a .mcs file with Vivado? If you have or think you might have, contact support.



If you need any assistance feel free to submit a ticket or contact us in the #allmine-inc channel on the fpga discord

Allmine support team