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My BCU1525 is not hashing or is hashing at a low rate

For the card to hash at expected rate we first have to make sure that it has sufficient power and cooling. I will layout some scenarios.


1) Minerator reports low wattage and hash rate. like 150 W and 40 Mhs

This can be from 6-pin power being connected in the 8-pin aux power connector. This can be seen in the log if verbose logging is enabled. To enable verbose logging run sudo allmine_config change the log level to 1 in the logging menu.

Now you can run the command grep 'Power supply' /var/log/minerator.log to see what the card things about its power configuration. Don't forget to reset logging to log level 3 again if you have low disk space.

  • VRB 0000:04:00.0: Power supply: 150 W ← 6-pin power connector instead of 8-pin is connected.
  • VRB 0000:04:00.0: Power supply: 75 W ← No power is connected in 8-pin aux power slot OR we have seen this once, the 8-pin cable is faulty and its presence is not detected.
  • VRB 0000:04:00.0: Power supply: 225 W ← This is how it should look.


2) Minerator reports poor hash rate but high temperature, close to or above 90℃.

This is lack of cooling, Minerator will try to hold the temp under 80℃. Temps over 80℃ are an indicator of bad cooling. If temp reaches 95℃ mining will stop until temps drop down below 90℃. This thermal throttling will seriously hurt hash rates. Take a look at our cooling guide.


3) Cards are restarted all the time and sometimes just fall of and don't come back listing 0 hash rate. System lockups needing reboot to recover.

Turn of 'power ramping' in the configuration interface. This feature can cause instability and can be turned off without any downside.


4) One card keeps crashing very soon after minerator start. Blue led go away and then come back after a little while.

This card is loosing its config, this could be due to low voltage. Try increasing the startup voltage for the bitstream in the configuration interface.


5) One or more cards crashes after running successfully for hours.

If this is frequent enough to affect overall performance, lets say more often than 4 times a day. Try lowering max voltage in the configuration interface with 0.01 or 0.02 V.



If you need any assistance feel free to submit a ticket or contact us in the #allmine-inc channel on the fpga discord

Allmine support team