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Remote connection to Ubuntu

It's nice to be able to connect to you mining rig remotely for a lot of reasons. Your workstation usually reside in a superior work environment compared to your mining rig. It can also be easier to get things done when you are in a more familiar desktop environment that lets you communicate and search for information more freely.

When doing remote connections to a Linux system ssh is always the best alternative. There are some alternatives, but nothing beat ssh. But wait, you might say, what if i need a graphical environment? Well, you don't.

  1. Become root sudo -i

  2. Install the openssh-server package apt install openssh-server

  3. Now ssh is installed. Now we need to find out our IP address if we don't know it already. We can find our IP with either ifconfig or ip addr 'ifconfig' dosen't seem to be installed on all Linux systems nowadays so I include both methods. We want the IP for the interface that is not the loopback interface (lo), that interface has the address which is just a shortcut back to our own machine.

    Here we can see that my miner has IP using ifconfig


    Here we can see how it looks using ip addr instead, to note here is that we don't want to include the /24 part in the address. The /24 part is a compact way of typing netmask this is of no use to us right now. So our address is still

  4. Get putty. it can be downloaded here. Put it where ever you find practical.

  5. Run putty. To the left we have a million settings, normally you don't have to fiddle with them. Most often you want to use putty as a ssh client which is the default so you type in the IP of your server into the hostname field.

  6. Click open. First time you connect to a new ssh server you will be presented with a dialog showing you the servers fingerprint. This is a security feature, if you want you could inspect the fingerprint on your Linux server and compare it to the fingerprint putty presents to make sure we are trying to connect to the right server. We will just click 'yes' since we are on our own network.

  7. Now we can login. You want to use your username to login not your full name, it's usually in all lowercase. 




If you need any assistance feel free to submit a ticket or contact us in the #allmine-inc channel on the fpga discord

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