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Restoring the shell after it has been removed

If the shell has been removed by loading a .mcs file onto the card with vivado, it can be restored by following these steps.

  1. Startup Vivado lab and select "Add Configuration Memory Device" program-flash1.png
  2. Type "mt25qu" in the searchbar and select the "mt25qu01g-spi-x1_x2_x4" from the list and click "ok"program-flash2.png
  3. Click "yes" on the question about program the configuration memory device now.program-flash3.png
  4. Now download the shell .bin file, flashimage_25155869_414d0005.bin. Click on the dots next to the "Configuration file" input box.program-flash4.png
  5. Browse to the downloaded file, select it and click "ok"program-flash5.png
  6. Click ok to start programing. Wait for the programing to complete. When this dialog appear the shell is restored.
  7. Now shutdown the computer wait 5 second and then boot up. Minerator should now be able to interact with your card again.