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Getting started

If you are setting up a BCU with the Allmine shell for the first time this document will point you to what guides to do in what order.

  1. First of all, start of with registering an account on this site if you have not done so already, 

  2. When you have an account we can go ahead and create a configuration for what we want to mine, we will need this later in step 4. A guide for creating a configuration can be found here,

  3. Next step is to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, our software will work on any modern Linux distribution but the packaging is made mainly from Ubuntu right now. Let us know if you need help with how to install on other distributions. The guide for installing Ubuntu can be found here,

  4. When Ubuntu is installed next step is to install Minerator, our miner software. The Minerator installation will also install the tool needed to update the firmware on BCU1525 cards. You find the Minerator installer guide here,

  5. With Minerator installed we are ready to update the BCU1525 firmwares if that is not already done. The firmware guide can be found here,

  6. Now everything is ready to mine, in fact your card is probably mining already. Now you might want to look att the guides for how to operate Minerator and how to manage your machine remotely. Those guides are here,

  7. If you have issues getting things to run properly you can look in the FAQ section of the site and see if you can find a solution to your problem here,



If you need any assistance feel free to submit a ticket or contact us in the #allmine-inc channel on the fpga discord

Allmine support team